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UTC Case Docket Document Sets

Filing TR - 210809


Document Type Date Description
Order - Prehearing Conference with Consolidation 01/24/2022 Order 01 Consolidating Dockets; Denying Motion to Dismiss; Prehearing Conference Order; Notice of Hearing (Evidentiary Hearing set for May 10, 2022, at 9:30 a.m.)
Response 12/08/2021 Response to Motion to Consolidate, on behalf of Union Pacific Railroad Company (UPRR), from Rachel Tallon Reynolds. (via web portal)
Response 12/02/2021 Response to UPRR Response and Motion to Dismiss, and Declaration of Betty Young, on behalf of Staff, from Jeff Roberson.
Motion 12/02/2021 Motion to Consolidate, on behalf of Staff, from Jeff Roberson.
Response 12/02/2021 Response, on behalf of the City of Spokane Valley, from Julie Kihn. (via web portal)
Notice - Appearance 11/24/2021 Notice of Appearance of Jeff Roberson, on behalf of Commission Staff, from Jeff Roberson.
Letter 11/02/2021 Notification of Petition to Union Pacific Railroad.
Initial Filing 10/25/2021 Petition To Modify Warning Devices At A Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing of Union Pacific Railroad at City of Spokane Valley, WA. (DOT: 662526C), on behalf of The City of Spokane Valley, from Kenneth Harper. (via web portal)