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Docket Company Name(s) Type Status Last Order Industry Description
220743 Transportation Demand Management, LLC Name Change Pending 10-03-2022 Charter and Excursion Bus Name Change Application
220742 Keep Moving Inc. Insurance Action Closed 10-03-2022 Household Goods Carriers Cancellation of HG069125 for insufficient proof-of-insurance.
220741 International District Parking Association Insurance Action Closed 10-03-2022 Charter and Excursion Bus Cancellation of Charter Certificate for Insufficient Proof-of Insurance,.
220740 International District Parking Association Insurance Action Closed 10-03-2022 Non-profit Bus Cancellation of NP Bus Certificate C0965 for failure to provide sufficient proof-of-insurance.
220739 Basin Water Sources, Inc. Tariff Revision Pending n/a Water Tariff revision to add a Capital Improvement Surcharge to schedule No. 5 that would generate approximately $36,704 additional annual revenue until November 30,2025 or until the full recovery of $36,704 with 10 % interest for monthly amounts to customers outside of Moses Lake City Limits of $3.15 and for those inside Moses Lake City Limits of $3.40. Tariff revisions to schedule No. 5.1 to fund a DOH required meter installation mandate from 2017 that would generate approximately $93,255 of additional annual revenue in the monthly amount of $7.70 for customers outside of Moses Lake City limits and $8.30 for those in Moses Lake City Limits. The company states that surcharge will repay full costs for the expense of replacing a critical pump. The company serves about 385 customers on one water system located near Moses Lake in Grant County. The company’s last rate change became effective on August 1, 2007, for $8,305 (8.5 percent).
220738 Washington Water Service Company Contract Pending n/a Water Contract agreement between Pierce County Public Transportation and Washington Water Service Company (WWSC) to complete the tap of one 1.5” Commercial service and one 1.5” Irrigation service and extension of the water main on Mountain Highway E. This site is in Pierce County, which is serviced by Southwood Water System, DOH ID# 82844. This agreement has been signed by Christopher Schuler and countersigned by Matthew D. Brown, the General Manager of WWSC.
220736 South King Fire & Rescue Application for Funding Pending n/a Oil By Rail Application for disbursement of funds from the Grade Crossing Protective Fund for the purchase of aerial drones, received from South King Fire & Rescue.
220735 Northwest Natural Gas Company Petition for Accounting Order Pending n/a Natural Gas Petition for an accounting order authorizing deferred accounting treatment related to its proposed Advice No. 22-08, which seeks to include temporary bill credits for residential customers from November 1, 2022 through October 21, 2023 to mitigate bill impacts during the 2022/2023 winter heating season.
220734 Northwest Natural Gas Company Tariff Revision Pending n/a Natural Gas Revises Tariff No. WN U-6 to embed a temporary bill credit in residential customer rates from November 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023 to mitigate the combined bill impact from the upcoming rate changes associated with the purchased gas adjustment (PGA) and NW Natural’s implementation of its base rate increase in in the second year of its two-year rate plan (UG-200994), which will be effective on November 1, 2022.
220733 PacifiCorp Tariff Revision Pending n/a Electric Revises Tariff No. WN U-76, to reflect PacifiCorp’s electric service in the state of Washington in compliance with RCW 80.28.050, WAC Chapter 480-80 et. seq.