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Customers – call your utility today for help with overdue bills, before the disconnection ban ends on July 31. Read our consumer notice and visit our COVID-19 Utility Bill Assistance page to learn more.



Docket Numbers: UE-200900, UG-200901, and UE-200894

Customers invited to comment on Avista rate case  

LACEY, Wash. – Avista customers will have the opportunity to provide comments to state regulators on the company’s proposed electric and natural gas rate change. … Read more

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Docket Number: UE-200980

The new rates will go into effect July 1

LACEY, Wash. - State regulators approved a multiparty settlement in Puget Sound Energy’s power cost rate case, slightly increasing customer rates. 

The settlement, approved by the Utilities and… Read more

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Disconnection ban ends on July 31

LACEY, Wash. – Customers should take action now to get help with overdue utility bills, before the ban on disconnections expires on July 31.

To help struggling customers, the Utilities and Transportation… Read more

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Docket Numbers: UT-210167, UT-210139, UT-210008, UT-210043, UT-210149, UT-180763, UT-201008, UT-210101, UT-210059

UTC approves eligible telecommunication carrier status for nine companies 

LACEY, Wash. - State regulators approved nine companies to become designated eligible… Read more

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Docket number: U-210254 


LACEY, Wash. – All interested persons are invited to watch a workshop on utility wildfire preparedness. Electric utilities will present their plans for the upcoming wildfire season, including plans for fire mitigation strategies and communications plans… Read more

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Docket Number: UG-200568


LACEY, Wash. - State regulators today approved a small rate decrease for Cascade Natural Gas customers, rejecting the company’s proposed $7.4 million revenue increase.

In their order, the Washington Utilities and Transportation… Read more

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Docket number: EF-210011


LACEY, Wash. - The Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) is requesting public comments on the scope of environmental impacts they should consider in their review of the proposed Horse Heaven Wind Farm… Read more

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LACEY, Wash. – Today the Utilities and Transportation Commission announced the appointment of a new director of policy.

Chris McGuire, formerly the commission’s assistant director of energy regulation, has been appointed to policy director. In this role, McGuire will lead the… Read more

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