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Docket Number 240126

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number TG-240126
Company Lewis County
Filing Type Plan
Industry (Code) Solid Waste (227)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Leggett, Jeanine (UTC)
Filed Date 02/23/2024
Effective Date 04/08/2024
Summary Commission’s comments on the cost impact of Lewis County’s preliminary Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan on customers served by regulated solid waste collection companies.

Event History

  • 03/28/2024 -- Close (Allowed to become effective per the Consent agenda.)
  • 03/28/2024 -- Closed
  • 03/28/2024 -- Open Meeting
  • 02/27/2024 -- Pending
  • 02/27/2024 -- Open