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Docket Number 240029

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number UT-240029
Company Qwest Corporation
CenturyTel of Washington, Inc.
CenturyTel of Inter Island, Inc.
CenturyTel of Cowiche, Inc.
United Telephone Company of the Northwest
DBA CenturyLink QC
(CenturyTel) CenturyLink
Filing Type Petition
Industry (Code) Telecommunications (170)
Status Formal
Lead Staff Zawislak, Tim (UTC)
Filed Date 01/08/2024
Effective Date 10/10/2024
Summary Competitive Classification Petition filed by LUMEN in order to request Commission classification of each of the CenturyLink ILECs as competitively classified companies pursuant to RCW 80.36.320.

Event History

  • 07/19/2024 -- Schedule (Evidentiary Hearing.)
  • 06/06/2024 -- Schedule (Second Public Comment Hearing.)
  • 05/16/2024 -- Schedule (First Public Comment Hearing.)
  • 01/25/2024 -- Formal
  • 01/25/2024 -- Suspended (Commissioner Rendahl moved, in Docket No. UT-240029, that the commission issue a Complaint and Order Suspending the Effective Date and set the Petition for Competitive Classification, filed by Lumen on January 8, 2024, for hearing as soon as possible. Commissioner Doumit seconded the motion. The motion carried (3:0))
  • 01/25/2024 -- Suspended
  • 01/25/2024 -- Open Meeting
  • 01/08/2024 -- Formal
  • 01/08/2024 -- Open