UTC Case Docket Document Sets

Filing UW - 230997


Document Type Date Description
Agreement - Settlement 05/30/2024 Settlement Stipulation and supporting Testimony, on behalf of the parties, from Lisa Gafken
Notice 05/01/2024 Notice Suspending Procedural Schedule and Notice Requiring Filing of Settlement Documents (By May 30, 2024)
Transcript 03/25/2024 Transcript; Volume 1; March 25, 2024; Pages: 1-14. (via email)
Order - Prehearing Conference 03/27/2024 Order 03 Prehearing Conference Order and Notice of Hybrid Hearing (Set for August 26, 2024, at 9:30 a.m.).
Notice - Appearance 03/21/2024 Notice of Appearance of Kenneth Bagwell and Alysa Grimes on behalf of Washington Water Supply, Inc., from Alysa Grimes.
Notice of Hearing 02/28/2024 Notice of Prehearing Conference.
Order - Other 02/23/2024 Order 02 Denying Motion for Reconsideration.
Response 02/16/2024 Response, on behalf of Washington Water Supply Inc., from Scott Ellerby.
Response 02/09/2024 Response to Motion for Reconsideration and Declaration of Michael Young, on behalf of Staff, from Lisa Gafken
Notice - Appearance 02/07/2024 Notice of Appearance for Lisa Gafken and Cassandra Jones, on behalf of Staff, from Lisa Gafken.
Response 01/30/2024 Respondents Answer to Complaint and Motion for Reconsideration, on behalf of Washington Water Supply, Inc., from Scott Ellerby.
Order - Open Meeting Final 01/11/2024 Order 01 Complaint and Order Suspending Tariff Revisions.
Open Meeting Memo 01/11/2024 Open Meeting Memo for the January 11, 2024 Open Meeting.
Initial Filing 12/08/2023 Revises Tariff WN U-2, on behalf of Washington Water Supply, Inc., from John Poppe. (via web portal)