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UTC Case Docket Details

Docket Number 230944

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number UG-230944
Company Northwest Natural Gas Company
DBA 22053
NW Natural#
Filing Type Staff Investigation
Industry (Code) Natural Gas (150)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Dennis, Joshua (UTC)
Filed Date 11/15/2023
Effective Date 12/15/2023
Summary NOTE: This item will be heard on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. The Company's Gas Biennial Conservation Plan for 2024-2025, pursuant to RCW 80.28.380, proposes achieving 764 thousand therms of conservation savings with a budget of $9.3 million.

Event History

  • 01/17/2024 -- Close (Commissioner Rendahl moved to issue an order in docket UG-230944 accepting the targets NW Natural’s natural gas 2024-2025 Biennial Energy Efficiency Plan, identified in staff’s January 17, 2024 open meeting memo, subject to conditions in Attachment A to staff’s memo as revised verbally today: (1) Biennial Acquisition Target of 720,000 therms, (2) subject to the conditions in Attachment A. Commissioner Doumit seconded the motion. The motion carried (3:0) )
  • 01/17/2024 --
  • 01/11/2024 -- Open Meeting (NOTE: This item will be heard on Wednesday January 17, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. )
  • 11/17/2023 -- Pending
  • 11/17/2023 -- Open