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UTC Case Docket Details

Docket Number 230935

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number UE-230935
Company PacifiCorp
BNSF Railway Co.
DBA 20704
Pacific Power & Light Company#
Filing Type Affiliated Interests
Industry (Code) Electric (140)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Cook, Corey (UTC)
Filed Date 11/09/2023
Effective Date N/A
Summary Affiliated Interest Agreement between PacifiCorp d/b/a Pacific Power & Light Company and BNSF Railway Co. for a License for Electric Supply Line Across or Along Railway Property (Permit #22W-13618) (License) allowing PacifiCorp to construct and maintain an electric supply line containing a maximum of three new conductors, five existing conductors, and one new neutral line together with its supporting or containing structures (collectively, the “Electric Supply Line”), across or along BNSF’s rail corridor at or near the station of Klamath Falls, County of Klamath, State of Oregon, Line Segment 0640, Mile Post 1.41 to 2.09.

Event History

  • 11/17/2023 -- Close (Closed per request of Corey Cook due to No Action Taken. )
  • 11/17/2023 -- Closed
  • 11/15/2023 -- Pending
  • 11/15/2023 -- Open