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Docket Number 230784

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Docket Number UW-230784
Company Cascadia Water, LLC
Filing Type Petition for Accounting Order
Industry (Code) Water (160)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Stark, Rachel (UTC)
Filed Date 09/18/2023
Effective Date N/A
Summary Petition for accounting deferral of cost associated with treatment, testing and mitigation of Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances. Under WAC 480-07-370(3)(b), Cascadia Water, LLC is requesting accounting deferral of all costs related to PFAS, including expense, capital, and carrying costs. The Company seeks to defer costs from January 1, 2023, going forward, to track and preserve costs for separate ratemaking treatment. The Company will test approximately XX group A wells and XX group B wells.

Event History

  • 10/12/2023 -- Approved (Allowed to become effective per the Consent agenda.)
  • 10/17/2023 -- Closed
  • 10/12/2023 -- Open Meeting
  • 09/26/2023 -- Pending
  • 09/26/2023 -- Open