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Docket Number 230739

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Docket Number UG-230739
Advice 23-05
Company Northwest Natural Gas Company
DBA 22053
NW Natural#
Filing Type Tariff Revision
Industry (Code) Natural Gas (150)
Status Pending
Lead Staff Cook, Corey (UTC)
Filed Date 09/12/2023
Effective Date 01/01/2024
Summary Revises Tariff No. WN U-6 to request approval of a new tariff Schedule L for a bill discount program for income-qualified residential customers and a related new tariff adjustment Schedule 231 for the recovery of costs for the program, and a related petition of partial temporary exemption of WAC 480-90-194(3).

Event History

  • 12/21/2023 -- Open Meeting
  • 09/13/2023 -- Pending
  • 09/13/2023 -- Open