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Docket Number 230214

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Docket Number UE-230214
Company Avista Corporation
DBA Avista Utilities
Filing Type Tariff Revision
Industry (Code) Electric (140)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Tellez, Alex (UTC)
Filed Date 03/31/2023
Effective Date 07/01/2023
Summary Annual Energy Recovery Mechanism filing, requesting approval for a $38,105,837 power cost deferral amount for the 2022 calendar year and revising tariff WN U-28, Schedule 93, Power Cost Surcharge - Washington, to recover a net power cost deferral balance of $32,835,935 over a two year period. A residential customer using an average of 932 kWhs per month would see an increase of $2.84 per month, or approximately 3.2 percent on their monthly bill. The Company also proposes a net benefit associated with the Company's Schedule 87, Voluntary Solar Select Program, of $1,154,955 in 2022.

Event History

  • 09/28/2023 -- Close (Closed per request of Alex Tellez )
  • 09/28/2023 -- Closed
  • 06/29/2023 -- Open Meeting
  • 03/31/2023 -- Pending
  • 03/31/2023 -- Open