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Docket Number 220583

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Docket Number TE-220583
Company Zum Services Inc.
Filing Type Petition for Exemption
Industry (Code) Charter and Excursion Bus (232)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Remfrey, Patrick (UTC)
Filed Date 08/02/2022
Effective Date N/A
Summary Petition for Exemption from WAC 480-30-191(2) to allow use of two layers of coverage to obtain $5,000,000 minimum and Petition for Exemption from WAC 480-30-191(1)(a) to use surplus lines insurance instead of an admitted insurance company authorized to write policies in the state of Washington for a Portion of the required coverage.

Event History

  • 10/24/2022 -- Close (Per letter granting application dated October 24, 2022.)
  • 09/15/2022 -- Approved (Allowed to become effective per the Consent Agenda.)
  • 09/15/2022 -- Closed
  • 09/15/2022 -- Open Meeting
  • 08/02/2022 -- Pending
  • 08/02/2022 -- Open