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UTC Case Docket Details

Docket Number 220450

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number TG-220450
DBA 16354
Filing Type Tariff Revision
Industry (Code) Solid Waste (227)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Young, Mike (UTC)
Filed Date 06/15/2022
Effective Date 08/01/2022
Summary Tariff revisions to adjust the annual commodity adjustment. A $0.82 rate decrease (from a credit of $0.57 a credit of $1.39) per month for residential recycling customers and $0.34 rate decrease (from a credit of $0.22 to a credit of $0.56) per yard for multi-family recycling customers. In this filing the Company is retaining 50 percent of the revenue received for the sale of recyclable commodities in accordance with the Revenue Sharing Plan with Snohomish County. The Company serves approximately 18,000 residential and 300 multi-family recycling customers in Snohomish County.

Event History

  • 07/28/2022 -- Allowed (Allowed to become effective per the No Action Agenda.)
  • 07/28/2022 -- Closed
  • 07/28/2022 -- Open Meeting
  • 06/15/2022 --
  • 06/15/2022 -- Open