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Docket Number 210595

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Docket Number U-210595
Filing Type Policy Statement
Industry (Code) Utilities General - Economic (501)
Status Pending
Lead Staff Cheesman, Melissa (UTC)
Filed Date 07/30/2021
Effective Date N/A
Summary Petition for approval of an interim participatory funding agreement pursuant to RCW 80.28.430, and following the guidance issued by the Commission in the November 19, 2021, Policy Statement on Participatory Funding for Regulatory Proceedings. This makes up to .01 percent of operating revenue up to a cap of $300,000 available from each utility for organizations representing broad customer interests in regulatory proceedings. This is filed jointly by Puget Sound Energy, Avista Corporation d/b/a Avista Utilities, PacifiCorp d/b/a Pacific Power & Light Company, Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, Northwest Natural Gas Company d/b/a NW Natural, the Alliance of Western Energy Consumers, NW Energy Coalition, The Energy Project, Sierra Club, Front & Centered and Spark Northwest.

Event History

  • 02/09/2023 -- Open Meeting
  • 12/29/2022 -- Re-open
  • 12/29/2022 -- Pending
  • 02/24/2022 -- Close (Commissioner Rendahl moved to issue an order in Docket U-210595 approving the interim participatory funding agreement reached between jurisdictional gas and electric companies and groups representing various customer interests subject to the three modifications below. • Remove language in Article 3 that dissolves the Agreement if the Commission modifies it. • Add a catch-all clause to Article 6.5 that acknowledges the Commission’s broad discretion to regulate in the public interest. • Remove language in Article 7.9 that would authorize utilities to accrue a carrying charge on deferred amounts. • Remove language in Article 9.1 that allows any party to terminate the Agreement if the Commission modifies it. Implementing this agreement with the above modifications will authorize funding for groups participating in the Commission’s regulatory processes as required by the Legislature Commissioner Balasbas seconded the motion. The motion carried (3:0) )
  • 02/24/2022 --
  • 02/24/2022 -- Open Meeting
  • 07/30/2021 -- Pending
  • 07/30/2021 -- Open (Docketed per request of Kate Griffith.)