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UTC Case Docket Details

Docket Number 980340

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number UT-980340
Company U S WEST Communications, Inc.
Filing Type Formal Complaint
Industry (Code) Telecommunications (170)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Walsh, Sondra (UTC)
Filed Date 08/05/1998
Effective Date N/A
Summary U S WEST Communications, Inc., implementation plan for intraLATA dialing parity.

Event History

  • 11/15/1998 -- End of Pending - Response to Reconsideration
  • 10/24/1998 -- End of Pending - Reconsideration
  • 01/27/1999 -- Approved (Approve the company's Toll Dialing Parity Plan and tariff filing.)
  • 11/20/1998 -- Close (Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Petition for Reconsideration; Clarifying Final Order; and Approving in Part IntraLATA Presubscription Implementation Plan.)
  • 11/16/1998 -- Deferred (Approved at Open Meeting - U S WEST's Toll Dialing Parity Plan, except for the portions of the plan addressing business practices. Comments by Glenn Blackmon and Sondra Walsh.)
  • 08/12/1998 -- Hearing (Commissioner Gillis moved to issue a complaint requiring U S WEST Communications, Inc., to implement intraLATA dialing parity. Commissioner Hemstad seconded the motion. The motion carried (3:0).)