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Docket Number 960338

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Docket Number UT-960338
Company Qwest Corporation
MCImetro Access Transmission Services, LLC
Filing Type Interconnection Agreement
Industry (Code) Telecommunications (170)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Russell, Kristen (UTC)
Filed Date 04/03/1996
Effective Date 05/30/2001
Summary Request of MCImetro Access Transmission Services, LLC, and Verizon Northwest Inc., f/k/a GTE Northwest, Inc., for approval of First Amdendment to interconnection agreement and partial waiver of the Interpretive and Policy Statement.

Event History

  • 06/09/2001 -- End of Pending - Reconsideration
  • 04/13/1997 -- End of Pending - Reconsideration
  • 01/03/1997 -- Due date (Deadline for Commission resolution of petition for arbitration.)
  • 09/10/1996 -- Due date (Last date to file petition for arbitration.)
  • 08/16/1996 -- Due date (First date to file petition for arbitration.)
  • 04/03/1996 -- Due date (Request for negotiation by MCImetro Access to GTE.)
  • 01/21/1996 -- Due date (Due date for Commission approval or rejection of agreement. (Actual due date is Saturday, 01/18/97))
  • 05/30/2001 -- Approved (Approved per Consent Agenda.)
  • 03/07/2001 -- Re-open (Request for approval of First Amendment to interconnection agreement and partial waiver of the interpretive and policy statement on behalf of MCImetro Access Transmission Services from Brooks Harlow.)
  • 03/26/1997 -- Approved (Approved per staff recommendations listed on the staff memorandum along with oral comments submitted by staff and the parties present. Recommendations: 1. Deny the requests of GTE Northwest Incorporated for modification of the arbitrator's decision, except that the final agreement shall not require the offering for resale of voice mail services, 2. Modify the arbitrator's decision to permit the physical collocation of remote switching units at GTE's central offices in accordance with the 47 U.S.C. Section 251(c)(6), 3. As to the issue of disputed language in the amended agreement, the edits and changes to the disputed language as set forth in staff review memo Attachment B are hearby adopted, and subjec to the modifications, 4. Adopt the arbitrator's report and decisions, and approve the amended agreement governing interconnection rates, terms and conditions and related arrangement between GTE Northwest Incorporated and MCImetro Access Transmission Services, Inc., filed by MCImetro Access Transmission Services, Inc., on March 7, 1997, in accordance with the arbitrators decision, to become effect in 30 days.)