PacifiCorp (Tariff Revisions), Docket UE-230877

Procedural History

Tariff Revisions Oct. 24, 2023: PacifiCorp d/b/a Pacific Power & Light Company filed with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission revised tariff sheets to its WN U-76 tariff.

Amended Tariff Sheets Nov. 13, 2023: Pacificorp filed amended tariff sheets and filed for an extension of the tariff sheets until Dec. 29, 2023. 

PacifiCorp Filed Additional Comments Dec. 20, 2023: PacifiCorp filed additional comments requesting that the commission approve the tariff revisions. Following the PacifiCorp’s additional filed comments, Staff modified its recommendation and requested that the commission suspend the matter and initiate an adjudication.

Sierra Club Filed Comments Dec. 21, 2023: Sierra Club filed comments in opposition to PacifiCorp’s proposed tariff revisions.

Order 01 Dec. 22. 2023: The commission issued Order 01 suspending the Nov. 13, 2023, tariff filing and requiring briefing to determine the legal question of whether the Company’s proposal is authorized by statute and, if so, whether the proposal is consistent with the public interest. Order 01 also authorized hearings in this matter, including public comment hearings.

Prehearing Conference Feb. 6, 2024: The commission convened a virtual prehearing conference. 

Orders 02 and 03 Feb. 15, 2024: The commission issued Order 02 Prehearing Conference Order; Notice of Oral Argument and Order 03 Protective Order. The Prehearing Conference Order established a procedural schedule.