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Annual Leak Reporting, RCW 81.88.160

By March 31, 2021, and on an annual basis thereafter, the commission must provide on its public internet web site aggregate data, as submitted by gas pipeline companies concerning the volume and causes of gas leaks as defined in RCW 81.88.160.


Leak Totals

 Causes Gas Loss (Mcf) Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalent Gas Loss Market Value
Operational Practices 7054.65 3387.22 $59,532.62
Excavation & other damages 51998.07 24997.97 $398,050.57
Estimated Loss, unrepaired leaks 3000.63 1442.43 $24,080.76

OPERATIONAL PRACTICES: leaks related to Corrosion, Equipment Failure, Material (Pipe/Weld/Joint) Failure, Incorrect Operations, Other causes not listed

EXCAVATION & OTHER DAMAGES: leaks resulting directly from Excavation Damage, Natural Forces (not involving humans), or Other Outside Force damage

 You can find further information about the causes of leaks and how they are defined at PHMSA's failure causes page