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Water Company Tariffs


  Company Names and Tariff Nos.

 Aquarius Utilities, LLC WN U-1


Basin Water Sources, Inc. WN U-2

BC Water Co, LLC WN U-1

Blue Rock Water Company LLC WN U-2

Burton Water Company, Inc. WN U-2


Camano Hills Water Company

Canyon Lakes Water System LLC WN U-1

Canyon Village Water System, Inc.

Cascadia Water LLC WN U-2

Community Water Service of Dungeness Heights, LLC

Company Seventy-Nine dba Red Mountain Water Association WN U-2

Copalis Rocks Mutual Benefit Association

Crown West Realty, LLC


Deer Meadows Water Company, Incorporated. WN U-1

Desert Canyon Utility Co. WN U-1

E Evergreen Valley Water System, Inc. WN U-1  

Fircroft, Inc.


Gold Beach Water Company, Inc. WN U-2

Great Basin Water Co - Burbank LLC fka Harrison-Ray Water Company, Inc.

Great Basin Water Co - Kiona LLC fka Harrison Water Company Kiona, LLC

Great Basin Water Co - Sunrise Acres LLC fka Sunrise Acres Water Services, LLC 


Kalama Water LLC​ WN U-1

Ketron Island Water Inc. WN U-2


Lakeland Village Water Company, Inc. WN U-2

Lochaven Water LLC WN U-1


Maxwelton Shores Water Co. WN U-1


Northwest Water Services, LLC WN U-2

Northbay Water Utility Corporation WN U-1


Oasis Water Corporation WN U-1

Olympic Water and Sewer Inc. WN U-2


Pedersen Family, LLC WN U-3

Pelican Point Water Company WN U-2

Pioneer Water Company, Inc. WN U-1

Point Fosdick Water Co., Inc. WN U-2

Poseidon Water Company, Inc. WN U-1


Roche Harbor Water System WN U-2


Scenic Shores Water Company WN U-2

Silver Hawk Water Company WN U-1

Solmar Water System, Inc. WN U-3

Southgate Water Systems, Inc. WN U-1

Stroh's Water Company, Inc. WN U-3

Summit View Water Works, LLC WN U-1

Suncadia Water Company, L.L.C. WN U-1


Tatoosh Water Company WN U-2

T & T Professional Services

The Oak Park Water Company, Inc. WN U-1

Thunder Ridge Water Co., Inc. WN U-1


Vistaire Water Systems, L.L.C. WN U-1


Washington Water Service Company WN U-3

Washington Water Supply, Inc. WN U-2

Water of Bethel, LLC WN U-1

Wildwood Water Company, LLC WN U-2