Interconnection Agreements

Interconnection agreements set out the terms and conditions under which local telephone companies conduct business with each other when they serve in the same area. Under federal law 47 U.S.C. § 252, interconnection agreements involving service in Washington state must be approved by the UTC. This includes agreements with unregulated companies, notably wireless providers.

In addition to the federal requirements, Washington state law requires that

“…no telecommunications company providing noncompetitive services shall… make or grant any undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to … any other person providing telecommunications service, nor subject any telecommunications company to any undue or unreasonable prejudice or competitive disadvantage. The commission shall have primary jurisdiction to determine whether any rate, regulation, or practice of a telecommunications company violates this section.” RCW 80.36.186.

Companies can adopt any arbitrated or negotiated agreement that has been approved by the commission. Fully adopted agreements become effective on the sixteenth day after filing with the commission if no party objects (see UT-990355 Par. 31). Please contact the company directly if you wish to adopt an agreement.

If companies are unable to agree on all issues in the interconnection agreement, either company can ask the UTC to conduct a binding arbitration. Rules on arbitration can be found in WAC 480-07-630.

Rules on filing fully negotiated interconnection agreements can be found in WAC 480-07-640

To request commission approval of interconnection agreements and any amendments:

UTC Contacts

Arbitration and complaint issues: Jing Roth, e-mail, phone 360 664-1291

Filing requirements and questions: Jing Roth, e-mail, phone 360 664-1291