GCPF - Open Call for Projects

In the open call for projects, you may request GCPF funding for any project that will eliminate or mitigate public safety hazards at railroad crossings and along railroad rights-of-way in Washington. Generally, proposals in the open call for projects should be related to one of the following three categories: 

  • Trespass prevention projects - Projects can include fencing or other physical barriers that prevent trespassing on railroad rights-of-way, pedestrian warning devices, channeling devices, media or public relations campaigns, and enforcement-related activities. (Note for fencing projects: Fences should meet Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) fencing standards and may not include decorative features such as vinyl coating, slatted chain link or wood unless the applicant directly pays for these features).

  • Private grade crossing safety improvements - Projects can include installation of crossing-specific warning devices such as nighttime or off-hours locked gates or improvements to existing warning devices.

  • Miscellaneous safety projects - Projects can include improvements to motorists' ability to see approaching trains, including the removal of physical obstructions, participation in roadway improvements at or approaching grade crossings, and mitigation of crossing closures

Funding Availability


The commission may limit the amount of funding per project so that an optimal number of projects may be funded with regard to relative safety benefits and project costs. The commission generally approves proposals for no more than $20,000 for projects that do not have a cost-share or matching requirement.

In exceptional circumstances, the commission may approve an amount in excess of $20,000 to address an immediate or significant safety problem. If you request more than $20,000, you must provide sufficient justification. For example, if the amount requested represents a partial payment for a much larger project or if you are providing matching or shared costs, you must describe the larger project, including cost projections that describe which parties are expected to pay which portion of projected costs.

The commission will not pay administrative costs or labor costs if administration and labor is provided by the applicant with current staff but may pay for contracted administration or labor. 

Application Form

Applications may be submitted electronically to records@utc.wa.gov. Please specify "Grade Crossing Protective Fund" in the subject line of the email. Applications may also be submitted by mail to the commission's mailing address.

Reimbursement Forms

The commission makes payment only on a reimbursement basis. The commission cannot approve advance payments for any project costs. Once your project is complete, please fill out the A-19 Invoice Voucher and Expenditure Summary and submit them with all related invoices and receipts. (See sample completed form).


For more information:
Mike Turcott, Transportation Planning Specialist, (360) 764-0572

Katie Hancock, Transportation Specialist, (360) 664-1262