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Docket Number 220206

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Docket Number UW-220206
Company Gold Beach Water Company, Inc.
Filing Type Tariff Revision
Industry (Code) Water (160)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Simmons, Jaclynn (UTC)
Filed Date 03/22/2022
Effective Date 07/01/2022
Summary General rate increase request that would generate additional revenue over three (3) phases over one year for Gold Beach Water Company, Inc. Phase one (1) will generate approximately $5,734 (6.7%), phase two (2) would generate approximately $5,385 (6.3%) and phase three (3) would generate approximately $5,368 (6.3%). The proposed general rate increase was prompted by revenues from the current tariff are insufficient to cover operation costs. The company provides services to approximately 205 customers in King County. The company’s last general rate increase became effective on July 1, 2014.

Event History

  • 06/30/2022 -- Allowed ( Commissioner Rendahl moved, in Docket No. UW-220206, to issue an order allowing the tariff pages filed by Gold Beach Water Company, Inc. on March 22, 2022 as revised on June 23, 2022 for all ¾ inch rates, to go into effect, subject to the requirements that the company: 1. File a revised tariff page, removing the 1-inch metered rates and submitting a new tariff page containing 1-inch metered rates after proper notice has been made to 1-inch metered customers. 2. Modify the application of WAC 480-80-111 pursuant to WAC 480-07110 to consider the tariff page with revised ¾ inch rates, as substitute tariff pages to the March revised tariff. 3. Directing staff, public counsel and the company to work to revise language to clarify the application of the disconnection fee and make clear that only one of either the disconnection fee or the reconnect fee apply in specific situations, and to make that filing within 30 days. With these conditions, to allow the tariff pages filed by Gold Beach Water Company, Inc. March 22, 2022, as revised on June 29, 2022, to become effective July 01, 2022 by operation of law. Chairman Danner seconded the motion. The motion carried (2:0) )
  • 08/02/2022 -- Closed
  • 06/30/2022 -- Open Meeting
  • 03/28/2022 -- Pending
  • 03/28/2022 -- Open