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UTC Case Docket Document Sets

Filing TV - 190858


Document Type Date Description
Order - Initial 05/18/2022 Order 02 Extending Provisional Period.
Response 05/06/2022 Company response to UTC staff recommendation, on behalf of Camano Gahagan.
Notice 04/26/2022 Notice of Opportunity to Respond (Written Responses due by May 6, 2022).
Letter - Staff Compliance Response 04/26/2022 Staff compliance update regarding Order 01 conditions.
Delegated Letter 02/24/2020 AmericaM Movers LLC - Letter Granting Temporary Authority, Subject to Conditions, Pending Decision on Permanent Authority and Permit THG-069117.
Notice 02/24/2020 American Movers LLC Notice of Application.
Order - Initial 02/24/2020 Initial Order 01 Granting Provisional Household Goods Permit Subject to Conditions.
Transcript 01/29/2020 Transcript; Volume 1; January 29, 2020; Pages 1-87. (via email)(hard copies rec'd 2/24/20)
Response 02/10/2020 Response to Ex Parte Communication, on behalf of Staff, from Harry Fukano.
Exhibit 02/05/2020 Exhibit List.
Notice 02/03/2020 Notice of Ex Parte Communication (Written Rebuttal Statements Due by February 10, 2020).
Letter 02/03/2020 Additional Information regarding the Hearing, on behalf of Americam Movers, LLC, from Camano Gahagan. (via email)
Document 01/30/2020 Transcript Verification; January 29, 2020;1:30-3:50 pm; 85 pages; Not expedited. (via email) (Billed 4/22/2020)
Initial Filing 01/22/2020 Written Notice, on behalf of AmericaM Movers LLC, from Camano Gahagan. (scanned and posted)
Document 01/22/2020 Proposed Exhibit List, on behalf of Staff, from Harry Fukano.
Notice of Hearing 12/26/2019 Notice Rescheduling Brief Adjudicative Proceeding (Now set for January 29, 2020, at 1:30 p.m.).
Notice of Hearing 12/10/2019 Notice of Brief Adjudicative Proceeding Setting Time for Oral Statements (Set for Tuesday, January 7, 2020, at 9:30 a.m.).
Letter 11/25/2019 Requesting for A Hearing to Contest the Allegations Set Out in Docket TV-190858, on behalf of American Movers LLC, from Camano Gahagan. (via mail)
Notice 11/13/2019 Notice of Intent to Deny Application for Permanent Authority; Notice of Opportunity for Hearing.
MASTER SERVICE LIST 10/24/2019 Master Service List.
Application 10/18/2019 Americam Movers LLC - Application for Household Goods Moving Authority.