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Docket Number 080292

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number PG-080292
Company Northwest Natural Gas Company
Filing Type Staff Investigation
Industry (Code) Gas Pipeline (015)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Kuang Chu
Filed Date 02/15/2008
Effective Date N/A
Summary Northwest Natural is seeking an exemption from the provisions of WAC 480-93-100, relating to the operation of certain critical valves during regularly scheduled maintenance activities.

Event History

  • 03/13/2008 -- Open Meeting
  • 07/23/2008 -- Close (Closed per e-mail request of Kuang Chu.)
  • 03/13/2008 -- Approved (Commissioner Jones moved to approve Northwest Ntural Gas Company's petition for exemption from WAC 480-93-100, regarding periodic maintenance of PBV-USA valves through July 1, 2010, based on the facts and the additional safety measures agreed to by NWN. Commission Oshie seconded the motion. The motion carried (3:0).)
  • 02/15/2008 -- Open (Opened per e-mail request of Kuang Chu.)