Agency Roles/Responsibilities

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission is authorized to provide economic regulation of the rates and services of Washington’s private, investor-owned electric utilities.

During a wildfire event or time of heightened wildfire risk, the utilities coordinate with local emergency response and first responders when making on-the-ground decisions of how to respond. The commission is not involved in those emergency response decisions but may review the utilities’ investments and operating procedures after the weather event concludes.

The commission will review utility wildfire mitigation investments during general rate cases and other proceedings.

Electric Utility Wildfire Mitigation Plans

Since 2021, the Utilities and Transportation Commission has required regulated electric utilities to submit annual wildfire plans and present them to the commission at a public meeting.

The plans include all the tools the utilities could use to prevent and respond to wildfires, including vegetation management, investments like line hardening, and various depowering methods. They also cover the utilities’ communication plans to customers, and thresholds or criteria for implementing any of those tools.                                        

Wildfire Preparedness Plans:



Past Events

  • Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022 - Recessed Open Meeting - Wildfire Preparedness (Docket U-210254)
    2022 Wildfire Season debrief with regulated investor-owned electric utilities
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