Dig Law Safety Committee


File a Dig Law Complaint

If you feel a violation of the state dig law has occurred, you can file a complaint with the Washington Dig Law Safety Committee.  

The committee will hear complaints and make recommendations to the UTC for enforcement action.

Committee Members

The committee, created by state law, is made up of 13 current members representing a variety of stakeholders throughout the digging and utility industry including a UTC staff member, with three seats open to any industry. Committee terms are three years, and members can serve multiple terms.

Ex Officio members run the day-to-day operations of the Washington Dig Law Safety Committee, and previously served terms as committee members. 

Current Members

Member Seats Role Name Company Current Term
Natural Gas Member Chris Bossard Cascade Natural Gas 2020-2023
Consumer Utility Vice Chair Zella West Nob Hill Water 2020-2023
Electric Member Seth Feist Avista Corp. 2022-2025
Contractor Member Mark Scoccolo SCI Infrastructure 2021-2024
Excavator Member Peter Paradiso NPL Construction 2020-2023
Telecommunications Member DeWayne Reichart CenturyLink Communications/Lumen 2020-2022
Local Government Member Tim Burleigh City of Tacoma 2020-2023
WA UTC Interim Anthony Dorrough Utilities and Transportation Commission 2020-2023
Pipeline Member William Quick Marathon West Pipelines 2021-2024
Water/Sewer/Insurance Member Dan Sleeth Covington Water 2021-2024
Open Seat Chair Jim Walton Linescape 2021-2023
Open Seat Member Dale Keeth City of Yakima 2020-2023
Open Seat Member Stan Choate Realty One Group 2022-2025

Ex Officio Members

Role Name Company
Executive Director Don Evans Washington 811
Executive Director Kathy Boykin Inland Empire Utilities Coordinating Council (IEUCC)
IEUCC Justin Piersol Inland Empire Utilities Coordinating Council (IEUCC)
NUNC Zella West Northwest Utility Notification Center (NUNC)
Program Coordinator Lynda Holloway Washington State Dig Law Safety Committee