Clean Energy Implementation Plans (CEIPs)

The Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA; the Laws of 2019, Chapter 288) requires Washington’s electric utilities to file a clean energy implementation plan (CEIP) every four years. A CEIP must include:

  • A plan to reach the following mandatory clean electricity targets set by CETA:
    • 2025 – All electric utilities must eliminate coal-fired generation serving Washington state customers.
    • 2030 – All electric utilities must be greenhouse gas neutral—for example, remaining carbon emissions are offset by renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon reduction project investments, or payments funding low-income assistance.
    • 2045 – All electric utilities must generate 100% of their power from renewable or zero-carbon resources.
  • Interim targets to meet the above standards prior to 2030 and between 2030 and 2045.
  • Specific targets for energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy.
  • Specific actions that the utility will take over the next four years that show progress toward meeting the clean electricity targets.

In 2020, the UTC announced rules which outline the utility requirements for planning to meet CETA goals, including a requirement to develop a CEIP. The Commission may approve, reject, or approve with conditions a CEIP filed by a commission-regulated utility. The rules are in WAC 480-100-600 through -665. WAC 480-100-640 specifies the content of a CEIP.

Public Participation Dockets

Public participation is an important element in a utility’s CEIP process. Utilities must meet the requirements laid out in WAC 480-100-655 to allow interested parties to effectively participate in shaping a CEIP. The rules require each electric utility to form an equity advisory group to participate in the CEIP process, and to keep other advisory groups informed about the process. The rules also require utilities to submit a public participation plan by May 1 of each odd-numbered year. Below are the dockets for each utility’s current public participation plan:

The Commission has included upcoming equity and CEIP advisory group meetings on its advisory group meeting calendar.

CEIP Dockets

The available CEIP docket links are provided below, including filing dates:

  • Avista: UE-210628 – final CEIP filed Oct. 1, 2021; approved subject to conditions June 23, 2022
  • PacifiCorp: UE-210829 – final CEIP filed Dec. 30, 2021
  • Puget Sound Energy: UE-210795 – final CEIP filed Dec. 17, 2021