Beware of Imposter Scams

The UTC does not collect funds or issue refunds on behalf of utility companies. If you think that you have been targeted by this scam, please contact your utility company immediately.

Classifications – Class A or B

Telecommunications companies are defined as either Class A or Class B based on the number of access lines served by the company in relation to the total number of access lines in the state.

The number of access lines served by a local exchange company includes the number of access lines served by any affiliate of that local exchange company. 

Access Lines Served in WA

As of December 31, 2010, the total number of access lines served by local exchange companies in Washington was: 2,225,000.

This count comes from reports filed by Washington telecommunications companies with the Federal Communications Commission.

Class A - 44,500 access lines or more

A company is defined as a Class A company if it serves 2 percent or more of the state's access lines.

Class B - 44,499 access lines or less

A Class B company serves less than 2 percent of the lines. Class B companies are exempt from some reporting requirements that apply to the larger Class A companies.