Railroad Company Accident Reporting

​The UTC requires railroad companies to provide detailed reports for any event connected to the operation of the railroad that results in an accident involving:

  • Release of a hazardous material (i.e., materials that are corrosive, flammable, explosive, reactive with other materials, or toxic).

  • Death of any person.

  • Injury to any person involved in a railroad-highway crossing accident that requires medical treatment in addition to first aid.

  • Property damage, amounting to $50,000 or more to property.

Railroad companies must make a telephone report of such events, within 30 minutes of learning of the incident, to the Washington Emergency Operations Center's 24-hour duty officer at (800) 258-5990. Each incident report must include specific information outlined in UTC rules (WAC 480-62-310). Railroad companies must also provide written copies of incident reports simultaneously to the Federal Railroad Administration and the UTC. In the case of hazardous materials incidents, railroad companies must provide copies of reports simultaneously to the US Department of Transportation and the UTC.

To submit an incident or accident report, email: utcrailreporting@utc.wa.gov

To submit a hazardous materials incident or accident report, email: WUTC5800Reporting@utc.wa.gov.


 Please email Rail@utc.wa.gov