Rulemaking Process and Planning

Rulemakings Overview

A rulemaking is a formal process that state agencies use to adopt or update specific guidelines to clarify, apply, or enforce Washington state laws. A rulemaking has three parts.

Part One - CR-101

The CR-101 kicks off the rulemaking process. To start this part, the UTC submits a notice to the Washington Office of the Code Reviser, announcing its intent to start a new rulemaking. Then, the UTC begins to work on draft rule language. This phase often includes workshops and other opportunities for public involvement.

Part Two - CR-102

The UTC moves into part two by filing the CR-102 with the Code Reviser, which are the draft rules. During this stage, there will be a public comment period and the UTC will hold a public comment hearing to discuss the draft rules.

Part Three - CR-103

Part three signals the end of the rulemaking. The UTC enters part three by filing the final rules to the Code Reviser, and the rules go into effect 31 days after the UTC files the CR-103.

Current Rulemakings

Initiate a Rulemaking

You may petition the UTC to initiate a rulemaking by submitting this form to the UTC records center through the e-filing portal or by email to