Community Notices

Railroad companies are required to notify the commission and the governing authority of a community at least 10 days before taking any planned action that may have a significant impact on the community. Such actions can include:

  • disrupting the use of a crossing for track inspection,
  • reconstruction,
  • maintenance,
  • or blocking a crossing.

For more information, see WAC 480-62-305 - Railroad Community Notice Requirements.

Submit a Notice

Template for Community Notice

To submit a community impact notice, email: WUTC Community Notice.

Community Notices Received

The commission received the following community impact notice(s):  

  • S 212th Street, Kent - June 20, 2024. USDOT 099165Y. Roadmaster Marshall Flores, BNSF Railway Co. 253-405-5837. 

For questions or additional information on current or past community notices, please contact