About the Committee

​About the Washington Citizens Committee on Pipeline Safety (CCOPS)

The Washington State Citizens Committee on Pipeline Safety is a governor-appointed committee that meets regularly to discuss, identify, review and highlight pipeline safety issues on a local and national level. The committee consists of nine voting members representing the public, including local government, and elected officials. Four non-voting members represent owners and operators of hazardous liquid and gas pipelines. The members serve three year staggered terms. The committee is staffed by the Utilities and Transportation Commission’s Pipeline Safety Program.

In 2000, the governor and the Washington State Legislature established, in state law, the Citizens Committee on Pipeline Safety.

"The Citizens Committee on Pipeline Safety is established to advise the state agencies and other appropriate federal and local government agencies and officials on matters relating to hazardous liquid and gas pipeline safety, routing, construction, operation, and maintenance.” - RCW 81.88.140

Mailing Address Washington Citizens Committee on Pipeline Safety PO Box 47250 Olympia, WA 98504-7250

If you have questions, or if you have any issues that you want to pass on to the committee, please contact the UTC Pipeline Safety Program at (360) 664-1160 or email pipelinesafety@utc.wa.gov.