Required Customer Notices

Rate changes

In order to provide fair and reasonable service to customers, there are specific requirements for how and when a company must notify its customers of changes, called customer notice requirements.

Noncompetitive telephone companies

There are specific rules for noncompetitive telephone companies.

Competitive telephone companies

Competitive telephone companies must follow WAC 480-120-266, “Information about telecommunications services provided pursuant to competitive classification.

Information on Rates, Terms and Conditions

Competitive telephone companies must provide access to rates, terms, and conditions, via the Internet. Companies must also make available, upon request, copies of its price list, bill, and notice it sends to customers. Since some telephone companies lower rates by offering new calling plans customers must sign-up for, this rule will make it easier for existing customers to stay informed of lower cost plans.

Cessation of Service

A telecommunications company must first give customers, the UTC, and other companies at least 30 days written notice before ceasing service. The purpose of the notice requirement is to give customers a chance to make other arrangements and avoid losing telephone service. The rule requires a second notice, either oral or written, to customers at least 15 days before ceasing service.

The cessation of service rule, WAC 480-120-083, was adopted by the UTC in January 2002 because of the possibility that a local phone company could cease operations or withdraw from a particular market and leave a customer without any telephone service.