Permit Applications

Use the following links to find the transportation application for your industry.

Download the application to your desktop, and fill out the form. You can e-file and pay online, or by mail. Once you e-file, select permit applications and fill out the online form, and submit. A confirmation will be sent if it is done correctly. 

If you have troubles with the e-file link, email the application to

If you are looking to voluntary cancel your permit, here's the Voluntary Cancellation Form - this form can only be used for Common Carriers, Freight Brokers, Household Goods, Charter/Excursion, and Non-Profit buses. All other industries, call 360-664-1222. 

Common Carriers

Any company or person who is transporting property other than household goods for compensation within the state of Washington.

Household Goods Carriers

The for-hire movement of household goods by motor vehicle over the public highways within the state of Washington.

Charter and Excursion Buses

Charter: Every person (an individual, a corporation, association, joint stock association, and partnership, their lessees) engaged in the transportation of a group of persons, who under a single contract, have acquired the use of a motor bus to travel together as a group within the state of Washington.

Excursion: Every person (an individual, a corporation, association, joint stock association, and partnership, their lessees) engaged in the transportation of persons for compensation from points of origin to any other locations within the state of Washington and returning to that origin.

Auto Transportation Buses

Any corporation or person owning, controlling, operating, or managing any motor propelled vehicle, used in the business of transporting persons for compensation over public highways within the state of Washington, between fixed points or over a regular route.

Commercial Ferries

Every corporation, company, association, joint stock association, partnership, and/or person owning, controlling, leasing, operating, or managing any vessel over and upon the waters of the state of Washington.

Solid Waste Carriers

Carriers who are in the specialized business of solid waste collection and/or disposal.

Freight Broker

Forwarder: Engaged in the business of soliciting, collecting, or assembling shipments for the purpose of combining the same shipments into one shipment.

Broker: Provides contracts for, or undertakes to arrange for, transportation of property by two or more common carriers.

Non-Profit Buses

Private, nonprofit transportation company provides services for compensation to people with "special transportation needs," i.e. who are unable to transport themselves or purchase appropriate transportation because of physical or mental disability, income status or age.

Railroad Contract Crew Carriers 

Contract crew transportation companies are any person, organization, company, or other entity that operates one or more contract crew transportation vehicle.