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Transportation Contacts

Washington State Department of Licensing

(360) 902-3600

Program Phone Description

Business and

Professional Licenses

(360) 664-6466

Tow trucks, Transporters, Hulk Haulers, Limousines and Taxis

Pro Rate & Fuel Tax

(360) 664-1858

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

(360) 664-1838

Fuel Tax Exempt Service; Fuel Bonds; Fuel Permits

(360) 664-1858

International Registration Program (IRP); Prorate;

Driver & Vehicle

(360) 902-3619

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Program; Driver Medical Waivers (Intrastate) Medical Certificates &

Exam Forms

(360) 902-3770

Vehicle Licenses; Registrations, Titles; Ride-Sharing Plates; Transporter Plates; Trip Permits (vehicle only)


Washington State Department of Revenue
General Taxpayer Information

Program Phone  Description

Business License



Fax: (360) 705-6699

Unified Business Identifier (UBI); state business license applications and renewal


Secretary of State
(360) 725-0377

Program Phone  Description
 Corporate Division  (360) 725-0377 Profit corporations; Limited Liability Company (LLC); Limited Partnership; Domestic Partnership


Washington State Department of Transportation
(360) 705-7000

Program Phone Description

Commercial Vehicle

(360) 704-6340

Log Tolerance Permits; Temporary Additional, Tonnage; Overweight and Oversize Permits; Pilot Car


Toll Rates


Good-To-Go Passes

Washington State



(206) 464-6400

General State Ferry Information and Scheduling


Washington State Patrol
(360) 596-4000

Program Phone Description

Commercial Vehicle

(360) 596-3800

Commercial Vehicle Size and Weight Specifications;

Driver and Equipment Safety Requirements; Hazardous Material Regulations; School Bus Safety Requirements and Inspections, Ports of Entry; Highway Scale Houses

Intrastate US DOT number

(360) 596-3812 Requirements and Assistance


Federal Transportation Contacts

Internal Revenue Service
Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Report

US Department of Transportation

Program Phone Description

Federal Motor
Carrier Safety

Local Offices:


724 Columbia Street NW, #200

Olympia, WA  98501

PO Box 12509  Olympia, WA 98508-2509

Washington, D.C.

(202) 366-9805

(800) 832-5660


Local Offices:

Olympia, WA

(360) 753-9875

(for Washington and British Columbia based carriers)


(503) 399-5775

Motor Carrier Safety and Hazardous Materials Regulations;

Applications for Interstate Motor Carrier and Broker (MC#) Operating Authority;

Complaints about Interstate Carriers;

Federal US DOT Numbers