Recycling 101

External Links

  • Waste 2 Resources Dept. of Ecology's website to help find out what you can do to reduce solid waste and safely manage what remains.
  • Recycling FAQs Dept. of Ecology's information on everything recycling.
  • Home composting Trim your garbage bill by composting biodegradable materials.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Environmental Protection Agency's informational website

Recent changes in international recycling markets are impacting customers in Washington state.

Customers of UTC regulated recycling services may see additional charges on their bills as a result of companies being unable to sell recyclables to international markets and because of increased costs to recycling facilities.

However, customers can do their part to keep recycling costs low by remembering the four R's:

  • Reduce. Avoid packaging.
  • Recycle.
  • Reuse.
  • Review and adjust your service, as needed.

Curbside pick-up of your recycled materials makes recycling easier. Customers can recycle plastics, metals, and cardboard, as long as the recyclable materials are clean and fit with haulers' guidelines. Learn more about commingled recycling here.

Your recycling pick-up service is a part of your garbage pick-up service.

Most companies charge a fixed monthly rate for your recycling pick-up service regardless of how little or much you use it. In fact, you pay for it even if you do not recycle.