Beware of Imposter Scams

The UTC does not collect funds or issue refunds on behalf of utility companies. If you think that you have been targeted by this scam, please contact your utility company immediately.

Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs)

By rule, all electric (WAC 480-100-620) and natural gas (WAC 480-90-238) utilities regulated by the commission are required to develop plans for how they will obtain future energy resources for their customers. An Integrated Resource Plan is used to identify a utility company's long-term energy resource strategy. These plans describe how the company will meet future customer needs at the least cost to ratepayers. Utility companies are required to update their plans every two years.

Each UTC-regulated utility's most recently completed Integrated Resource Plan:

  The docket for each UTC-regulated utility's currently in-development or recently finalized Integrated Resource Plan: