Online Security

How we protect your information

The commission is committed to protecting your information, and keeps it safe by:

  • Using an electronic payment processing vendor to collect your credit card payment information. No credit card numbers are entered or stored within the commission website or financial databases. Our vendor is NACHA and PCI compliant.
  • Encrypting all the data you provide us in our online ACH payment system. This prevents anyone from being able to get your name, billing address, or bank account number while your payment is sent to the commission.
  • Never printing your banking information on reports.
  • Programming our online payment pages so they do not allow a copy of the page to be saved in your Web browser memory. This prevents anyone from finding your personal or financial information by searching the pages you have viewed on the Internet.
  • Hosting all our online payment forms in Fortress, a secure environment designed to allow citizens to conduct online business with the state of Washington safely.

How to tell this is a secure website

You can be sure your information is protected when:

  • The address shown at the top begins with an "https" instead of "http." The "s" means the page is secure. Depending on the Web browser you are using, you may see a small padlock symbol displayed on the bottom line (status bar) of your browser window, or in the top right immediately after the Web address area.

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