Reporting Requirements - Other Companies

Other Telecommunications Companies

Report Rule Reporting Period Due Date Requirements
Financial Reports        
Annual Report for Competitive Companies 480-120-382 yearly 1-May required
Access Charge and Universal Service Reports        
Demand units 480-120-399 (1)(a) yearly 1-Jul waived 480-121-063
State certification requirements 480-120-399 (2) yearly 31-Aug waived 480-121-063
Property Transfer Reports        
Property transfers over threshold 480-143-180 as needed before transfer or disposal waived 480-121-063
property transfers under threshold 480-143-190 yearly 1-Mar waived 480-121-063
Securities and Affiliated Interests Reports        
Securities transactions 480-120-365 as needed within 30 days waived 480-121-063
Securities transactions 480-120-389 (2) yearly 30-Apr waived 480-121-063
Affiliated interest transactions 480-120-395 yearly 1-Jun waived 480-121-063
Miscellaneous Reports        
Commission-referred complaints 480-120-166     as needed