Electronic Insurance Filings

​Pre-authorized insurance companies may submit electronic insurance filings (Form E or Form K) via email on behalf of transportation carriers. Insurance filings are free of charge and must be submitted as a Word document or in PDF format.

Electronic Insurance Filing Instructions

  • Insurance Company submits request to be added to the registered user list to transportation@utc.wa.gov, please include every email address you would like added.
  • Once the email is received by the commission, staff will enter this information into the electronic insurance database.
  • Commission staff will notify the insurance company once they have been approved to submit electronic insurance filings.

Submitting the electronic filing:

  • Each filing must be submitted in either Word or PDF format.
  • Submit insurance filing to insurance@utc.wa.gov. Only one attachment per email.
  • Initial verification of receipt of insurance filing will immediately be returned to the submitter.
  • Commission staff will review the insurance filing within two business days of receipt and will accept or reject based on requirements (If rejected, an explanation will be provided)
  • Any amendments to a pre-authorization form must be submitted via email to transportation@utc.wa.gov.