Beware of Imposter Scams

The UTC does not collect funds or issue refunds on behalf of utility companies. If you think that you have been targeted by this scam, please contact your utility company immediately.

Reporting Requirements - Other Companies

Other Telecommunications Companies

Report Rule Reporting Period Due Date Requirements
Financial Reports        
Annual Report for Competitive Companies 480-120-382 yearly 1-May required
Access Charge and Universal Service Reports        
Demand units 480-120-399 (1)(a) yearly 1-Jul waived 480-121-063
State certification requirements 480-120-399 (2) yearly 31-Aug waived 480-121-063
Property Transfer Reports        
Property transfers over threshold 480-143-180 as needed before transfer or disposal waived 480-121-063
property transfers under threshold 480-143-190 yearly 1-Mar waived 480-121-063
Securities and Affiliated Interests Reports        
Securities transactions 480-120-365 as needed within 30 days waived 480-121-063
Securities transactions 480-120-389 (2) yearly 30-Apr waived 480-121-063
Affiliated interest transactions 480-120-395 yearly 1-Jun waived 480-121-063
Miscellaneous Reports        
Commission-referred complaints 480-120-166     as needed