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The UTC's Consumer Protection Help Line receives complaints from customers who have been unable to resolve an issue with their utility company. These informal complaints are investigated by UTC staff and recorded in the Consumer Complaint Database.

Complaints By Industry

To look up the complaint history and recorded violations for a regulated utility or transportation company, search below by industry.


When UTC staff investigate an informal complaint, there is a requirement to make sure the company is following the rules. If the investigation finds the company did not follow the rules, staff will record an alleged violation(s) of the law, rules, or the company's approved tariff provisions.


What does company upheld, customer upheld mean and company upheld with arrangements?

  • Consumer Upheld: This means UTC staff found the actions of the company to be improper and staff is upholding the consumer's position. Staff may use "Consumer Upheld" even if it does not find violations within the complaint.
  • Company Upheld: This means staff finds the company acted properly towards the consumer's issues. As a result of the complaint investigation, the company will not, nor is required to, resolve the complaint differently. Simply put, the company was right and the investigation gained nothing for the consumer.
  • Company Upheld with Arrangements: This means staff upholds the company's action (see "Company Upheld" above) and the company went beyond what it was required to do for the customer as a result of the complaint investigation. For example:
    • The company gave a monetary credit; and/or
    • Staff negotiated arrangements, such as:
    • Payment arrangements on past due amounts that exceed those required;
    • Waiving a deposit that the company was allowed to require; and/or
    • Scheduling an earlier installation date.
    • NOTE: "Company Upheld with Arrangements" will not be used if the company has incurred violations of rule, statute, order or tariff that affect the substance of the complaint outcome.