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Docket Number 950243

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number A-950243
Filing Type Rulemaking
Industry (Code) Commission General - Restricted (499)
Status Closed
Lead Staff Bob Wallis, ALJ
Filed Date 02/27/1995
Effective Date N/A
Summary Revises the Commission's procedural rules, Chapter 480-09 WAC.

Event History

  • 01/21/1996 -- End of Pending - Reconsideration
  • 01/11/1996 -- Close (Order Amending and Adopting Rules Permanently.)
  • 12/13/1995 -- Adopted (Adopted on a permanent basis and instructed to file an order od adoption with the Code Reviser's Office. Also issue a final policy statement, as amended.)
  • 10/11/1995 -- Proposed (Oral comments at Open Meeting by Bob Wallis on behalf of staff.)
  • 03/06/1995 -- Preproposal (Preproposal Statement of Intent.)