Transportation Safety

The Motor Carrier Safety Program provides safety oversight of privately-owned companies that provide transportation services within Washington state. The purpose of the Motor Carrier Safety Program is to reduce accidents by performing vehicle inspections and safety investigations.

During safety investigations our program inspects company vehicles used to provide service to the public, investigate safety complaints, and help regulated companies understand and comply with state and federal safety requirements.

These transportation companies include (passenger) charter and excursion buses, non-profit buses, airport shuttles, rail contract crew transportation, (property) common carriers, residential household goods moving companies, and solid waste carriers.

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Companies We Regulate

Top UTC Regulated Motor Carrier Violations that effect Safety Ratings as of 12/31/2023 YTD

(Top Acute, Critical and Critical-Type Violations)

​# Citation Violation Description
1. 49 CFR 395.8(a)(1) Failing to require a driver to prepare a record of duty status using appropriate method.
2. 49 CFR 396.17 Using a commercial motor vehicle not periodically inspected.
3. 49 CFR 391.45(a) Using a driver not medically examined and certified.
4. 49 CFR 391.51(b)(2) Failing to maintain driver qualification file on each driver employed.
5 49 CFR 396.3(b) Failing to keep minimum records of inspections and vehicle maintenance.