Price List FAQs

As of June 7, 2006, price lists are no longer required.

Companies providing competitively classified services in the state of Washington are no longer required to file price lists with the commission. Senate Bill 6473 eliminated the use of price lists for competitively classified telecommunications services. Companies should communicate with customers using written contracts or customer service agreements.

Companies registering for the first time or adding new services should be sure to indicate what services they offer on their registration or annual report form - no other notification is required.

Does the operator service rate benchmark in WAC 480-120-262 (3) (f) apply after price lists have been withdrawn?

Yes. The benchmark does not reference price lists, and companies will still be required to price operator services in compliance with the rule.

Does the change in law mean that companies filing applications for registration as a telecommunications company will no longer need to file an initial price list?

Yes - all you have to file is an application and financial information.

Without price lists, how can I get authority to offer a new competitive telecommunications service?

To receive authority for a new service, report it on the next annual report. For more information visit the Offering a New Telecom Service page.

How will customers find out about competitive telecommunications prices, terms and conditions?

Companies will communicate with customers directly using a contract or customer service agreement as well as providing information on the company's website.

Does elimination of the price list filing requirement mean that competitive telecommunications services have been deregulated?

No. New telecommunications companies will still have to file an application for registration. The new law will not affect tariffs or regulatory fees and companies will still need to work with commission staff on consumer complaints.

Are consumer complaints about competitive services handled differently with the elimination of price lists?

No. The bill did not reduce the commission's role in resolving consumer complaints about competitive services.

Does the commission still authorize registration and competitively classify telecommunications services and companies as competitive?

Yes. The commission continues to register and classify services as competitive.

Does the commission oversee competitive pricing, terms or conditions?

The elimination of price lists did not reduce the commission's ability to investigate whether competitive prices are fair, just, and reasonable.

Did the elimination of price lists have any effect on services listed in a tariff?

No. The rule change had no effect on the requirements for non-competitive services; companies will continue to file tariffs for these services.

Do companies still need to pay regulatory fees?

Yes, competitively classified telecommunications companies and services are still subject to regulatory fees, and the elimination of price lists had no effect on the amount of the regulatory fee paid by telecommunications companies.