The commission oversees and makes decisions about regulated companies rates and services in legal hearings. ​

If you have received a notice in your utility bill about a rate or service change from your company, you can comment to the commission about that case.

Your comment will be used in the formal case to the commission, as part of the testimony. You can choose to support or not support the request, or you may be undecided. Once submitted, your comment becomes part of the public record and becomes subject to public inspection under the Public Records Law - RCW 42.17.260.  

To submit a comment:

  • Fill out the Online Comment Form; or
  • E-mail; or
  • Call toll-free 1-888-333-WUTC (9882); or
  • Write the UTC at: P.O Box 47250, Olympia, WA 98504-7250
    • Include a return address and a description of the filing.


Commission Cases

When a regulated company wants to change their rates or services, they must present their case before the three-member commission, and the commission may approve, reject or modify their request.

A company must give the commission 30 days notice to change their rates, if the commission decides to suspend the request, the commission will have 10 months to come to a decision and the request will become a formal hearing.

Open Meetings

Most requests are processed at the regularly scheduled Open Meeting. For more information on Open Meetings and recent requests made by regulated companies, visit our Open Meetings page.

Formal Cases

If a company's request is suspended the formal hearing process begins. In these cases, your comment will be entered on the record by Public Council, a section of the Attorney General's office designated to represent consumers in formal hearings.