Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment


The UTC regulates the investments of utility companies that already fall under its jurisdiction. Regulated electric utilities may offer battery charging facilities using ratepayer funds subject to the commission's approval (RCW 80.28.320). The UTC does not regulate electric vehicles, or private chargers owned by a private company such as a gas station or store.

The commission can authorize an incentive rate of return of up to 2% for electric utilities on capital expenditures for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) through 2030 (RCW 80.28.360). The investments cannot increase the retail revenue requirement of the utility more than 0.25% (after offsetting revenue) and must be deployed for the benefit of ratepayers.

Electric Vehicle Charging Services Policy Statement

In 2017, the commission issued a policy and interpretive statement about the regulation of electric vehicle charging stations. The policy statement considered key elements concerning the regulation of EVSE and addressed additional policy considerations to ensure that utility participation in the electric vehicle charging market is in the public interest.

Electrification of Transportation Plans

In 2019, the Legislature authorized regulated investor-owned utilities to submit an electrification of transportation plan that deploys EVSE or provides other electric transportation programs, services, or incentives to support electrification of transportation (RCW 80.28.365). The plan may include:

  • Any programs that the utility is proposing contemporaneously with the plan filing or anticipates later in the plan period;
  • Anticipated benefits of transportation electrification, based on a forecast of electric transportation in the utilities' service territory; and
  • Anticipated costs of programs, subject to the restrictions in RCW 80.28.360.

Below are links to each electric utility's current transportation electrification plan:

  • Avista: UE-200607 (acknowledged by the commission in October 2020)
  • Puget Sound Energy: UE-210191 (acknowledged by the commission in August 2021)
  • Pacific Power: UE-220359 (acknowledged by the Commission in October 2022)