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Pacific Coast Inter-staff Collaboration Summit

In May 2017, staff from four western state utility commissions met at The Pacific Coast inter-Staff Collaboration Summit in Portland, to discuss how to support ongoing cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, improve reliability, and obtain cost benefits for ratepayers.

The summit included over 35 staff members from the California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington public utility commissions. They're working together to support the Western Public Utility Commissions' Joint Action Framework on Climate Change, an inter-state memorandum of understanding pledging to work cooperatively to promote low-carbon technologies, conservation, demand response, and renewable energy.

The event was an opportunity to address the real-life implications of climate change while ensuring utility regulations promote cost-effective, reliable, and clean energy resources and infrastructure. The direction from the commissioners is clear, the commissions should work together, and develop a plan for future opportunities like this. This is the first in a series of meetings and exchanges to work together, share best practices, and think of ways to cooperate in the future.

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