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Inspection Reports By Company

Each year, the commission pipeline safety program spends approximately 700 days in the field inspecting pipeline facilities and operating procedures. On average, the program conducts 300 annual inspections, including 250 unannounced inspections of pipeline construction, repair and maintenance. Below you will find links to a list of documents associated with those inspections, as well as incident investigations and other pipeline activities.

The commission does economic and safety regulation of the four investor-owned local natural gas companies.  The list provided below represents a history of pipeline inspections conducted for these companies since 2007.

The following companies are primarily regulated by the commission for safety purposes. Therefore, the view you will see when you click on the company name is the view of all dockets associated with that company. They might not be listed in chronological order. The first number in the line is the six-digit docket number. The first two number of the docket number represents the year the inspection activity began (e.g. 070001 started in 2007). In some cases, there will not be any documents available on-line for a given docket. Please contact us if you have any questions.

For more information concerning interstate inspections and enforcement, please go to