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UTC Case Docket Details

Docket Number 210248

Case Docket Details Table
Docket Number TG-210248
Company Torre Refuse & Recycling LLC
DBA 16181
Sunshine Disposal & Recycling#
Filing Type Tariff Revision
Industry (Code) Solid Waste (227)
Status Pending
Lead Staff Sharbono, Benjamin (UTC)
Filed Date 04/15/2021
Effective Date 06/01/2021
Summary Proposed General Rate Increase which Revises Tariff No. 8 of Torre Refuse & Recycling d/b/a Sunshine Disposal & Recycling (G-260), increasing collection rates, and inreasing company revenues by $30,000, or 10 percent. The effective date of the proposed rate increase is June 1, 2021.

Event History

  • 05/20/2021 -- Open Meeting
  • 04/16/2021 -- Pending
  • 04/16/2021 -- Open